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Why be dirty when you can be All but Dirty?  Hello, Iowa!  My name is Daren Barker and I am the founder and owner of the All but Dirty.  We are dedicated to our work and are focused on trust, building relationships, exceeding expectations, and leaving our customers with a truly clean environment.

I have heard from many customers that they are struggling to trust the people entering their business or home.  At All but Dirty we are centralized in friendship and partnership, so that we don't bring in a different minimum wage worker that carries inconsistencies and situations that lead to problems.  There are plenty of good workers within these bigger companies but it doesn't mean that you will always get that particular worker.  We are not out here to become the biggest company.  We simply want to bring cleanliness in an effective manner to your location that leaves you free to do you!

Cleaning can be quite time consuming and rather difficult depending on the location.  We host a large range of services and are prepared to take on the many difficult tasks that your establishment doesn't have time for accomplishing on your own.  We understand that your time is valuable, so give us a call and take these extra responsibilities off of your hands.